We have partnered with PolyCrystal🥳!!!

We have opened a new farm where you can stake $BSCGIRL-$MATIC and earn $CRYSTL and a new pool where you can stake $CRYSTL to earn $BSCGIRL both with high vibe APRs 💎❤️



$ 0.1423
Number of holders 4656

・ Listed on ProBit today 🚀

・ The CEO is talking with PolyCrystal. Finance! Expectations!


$ 0.0834
Number of holders 3739
・ Listed on COINSBIT today! !! 🚀
・ After listing, it will probably be posted on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!



Good morning!!!! I’m Sunny:)

Today’s news!!!


$ 0.1464

Number of holders 4657

・ Two days left until the listing on Probit!!!!

・ Trading contest will be held on Probit when BSCGIRL is listed :)

・ Probit’s BSC GIRL airdrop event will also be held <3

Trading Pairs:


Deposit: July 6, 2021, 12:00 KST

Trading: July 6, 2021, 17:00 KST



$ 0.0793

Number of holders 3737

・ Three days left until the first listing on the exchange for MOON! !!

・MOON will be listed on CoinMarketCap after listing

There are 2days left until the double listing! !! 🚀

❤Buy From❤
pancake swap 🎂(BSC)

❤Please Follow us❤
LINE open chat

Good morning everyone I’m Sunny!!!

I’ll talk about yesterday’s progress.


$ 0.1555

Number of holders 4628

・ BSCGIRL will be listed on Korea on July 6th! Yay!!!

・ Although all large lots sold and dropped to 0.1, the listing announcement temporarily recovered to around 0.2! 🚀

I’m looking forward to listing on a big Korean exchange! !! !!


$ 0.077

Number of holders 3735

•MOON also will be listed SOON!!!!!

When BSC GIRL was listed on P2PB2B last time, MOON was entangled and rose! This listing of Girl in Korea is also an opportunity for MOON<3🚀

Good morning everyone! Im sunny.

Today, here Japan is rainy…I like the sound of rain because it calms my mind. I feel better when it’s sunny though! My name is Sunny too by the way:) What do you think??

Anyway, I will write 5things about what we want to do…


We have developed a DeFi platform and NFT platform. We are making music videos and NFTs for original virtual idols.

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